How do we care about your stay?

S ince we have started our company, we strongly value safety, quality and cleanness.


Safety First” program seems to be very effective. We receive better then average reviews on booking and review sites. Here we would like to thank you for that!


Today „Safety First” program is more important than ever. Within „Safety First” program we have prepared „Safe Guest Practices” and new safety, cleaning and disinfection procedures.


Safe Guest Practices” is a document which includes our daily routines with guests’ and employees’ safety in mind. It covers new procedures of check-in and housekeeping. We have also prepared a new housekeeping check-in checklist which we use to clean and disinfect apartments for next guests.

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That’s why for over 2 years ago, we developed „Safety First” program. „Safety First” includes simple activities like umbrellas which you can find in our apartments and complex activities like cleaning check-lists.




    1. In case of respiratory symptoms or any other COVID symptoms manager can refuse accommodate guest in the apartment.
    2. We use minimum possible time to check-in guests in the apartments. During check-in procedure, Nordbyhus staff and guests keep a safe distance (min. 1 ,5 meter).
    3. Self check-in is a preferred method for check-in. Self check-in means that the guest can take the key to the apartment from the key-box which is installed on apartment’s door frame using an instruction from Nordbyhus. In case of self check-in guest can pay for the stay using a disinfected payment terminal. The guest receives a disposable glove to use the payment terminal safely.
    4. Contactless card payments are preferred methods for payments. If a guest can’t pay contactless (e.g: because of limits), guest receives a payment terminal which is disinfected right before usage. Guest receives a disposable glove to use the payment terminal safely.
    5. We use an electronic check-in form. Filled up and signed check-in form will be sent to the guest by e-mail.
    6. It is strictly forbidden to invite people who did not participate in check-in procedure to the apartments.


    1. All employees use hygiene masks and disposable gloves at work. 
    2. In case of respiratory symptoms employee stays at home and contacts sanitary-epidemic station.
    3. Employee has medical kit which includes disinfecant, hygiene mask, disposable gloves. In case of COVID-19 symptoms employee uses personal protective equipment.


    1. We have prepared a special housekeeping cleaning checklist. We always follow the checklist when we clean and disinfect apartments.
    2. Before housekeeping, cleaning and disinfection there is mandatory 24-hour quarantine in the apartment after check-out. The apartment stays uninhabited and windows are opened to thoroughly ventilate interior.
    1. We disinfect all devices, furniture, door-handles, fittings, light switches, handles and other surfaces, e.g: counters, tables, chairs. We also disinfect keys to the apartment and key-boxes.
    2. Since we started our company we have always used just professional cleaning supplies dedicated for hotel industry and places with high sanitary level like saunas, swimming pools and gastronomy. Certificates, attests and cards of cleaning supplies can be delivered to guest.
    3. Beddings and towels are also disinfected. We only use professional laundry service which secures clean beddings and towels for transportation.
    4. Floors and bathrooms are cleaned with use of hot steam generator, which generates 140 °C – 170°C steam.
    5. Please follow hand hygiene instruction which you will find in the apartment.


    1. Safe Guest Practices bases on recommendations from WHO and GiS (Polish Sanitary Inspection). We follow updates from WHO and GiS (Polish Sanitary Inspection).


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I f you choose to visit serviced apartments you will receive a private and separate space – an apartment. It’s a different lodging than a hotel with its crowded lobby and reception. Common areas in property are probably same as you know from the place where you live – sometimes you can meet our neighbours or other guests – our local community.


We have always treated cleaning and disinfection very responsible. It has always been the most serious matter at Nordbyhus. Cleaning and disinfection check-list, 24- hour quarantine of the apartment after guest departure bedding disinfection let us to minimalise threats and offer you a safe accommodation.


We are ready to host you in our apartments. We believe that together we can get back to normality, step by step as soon as we will take care of each other. We are sure that we will be again curious about the World, new places and people.


Please let us know if you have any questions regarding booking or your stay.

Call us or send us an e-mail. You can reach us here:

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Mobile: +48 510 069 112


    review rating 5  This place satisfied all my requirements during my stay. Fabulous price and excellent apartment. I highly recommend the location, right near the city centre and harbour areas (5-10 min walk). Jakub Wojtowicz was extremely professional and friendly, and a pleasure to deal with. I spoke with him mostly in Polish, but I highly recommend this place to English-speakers unfamiliar with the city, as he speaks perfect English, too.

    thumb Kristopher Evans
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